E-Cigarette ABC


If you are uncertain about which e-liquid you will choose, here are some tips for you.

It’s obliviously that e liquid is more tender than smoke. There are a broad range selection of e-liquids from variety suppliers such as DIY, local stores and companies. Which option is best for you? We suggest that you should choose top quality e-juices produced by high reputation company, which can help you to avoid from harmful toxins in e liquid.

All e liquid has the same ingredients including PG, VG, nicotine and flavor. You can choose light, regular and full flavor. If e juice is too weak, you will not satisfy. But if e juice is too strong, you body will feel unwell. Choosing a proper e juice largely depends on your current nicotine tolerance level.

How can you choose your level of nicotine strength?
Here is a chart for nicotine strength:

  • 0mg =no nicotine
  • 8mg=light nicotine
  • 11mg=medium nicotine
  • 16mg=full flavor
  • 24mg=extra strength
  • 36mg=very strong

If you are on 16mg, 11mg or 24mg may be more suitable for you. Do not try too lower or higher level, because nicotine has great effects on e cigarette performance. For example, if you try too lower nicotine level and your body still crave for the normal level, you may start to smoke again instead of using e cigarettes.

What is PG?

PG stands for Propylene Glycol. It is widely used in consumer products with very tin taste. Although PG-E-liquid is tasteless, it can bring a strong throat hit without affecting e liquid flavor.

What is VG?
VG is the the abbreviation for Vegetable Glycerin. VG-E-Liquid is also safe in a thicker taste, which means it will build up more quickly on vapor device.

If you need strong throat hit or more flavor, high PG may be proper for you. But if you prefer softer throat hit and more vapor, high VG is a better choice.

Just as pick up a real cigarette, you will know the real taste until you try it. That’s the reason that you need do experiments to find out which flavor you will prefer. Just because you like cappuccino doesn’t mean you will love this vapor flavor.

Briefly, electronic cigarette is a healthier alternative than tobacco. It’s a nice way to give up real cigarettes.

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