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Classic Menthol – I Love Salts – Mad Hatter Juice

470.00 inc. GST
Classic Menthol by I Love Salts is a reiteration on mentholated “analog vaping”, perfectly recreating the flavor without any of the health-deteriorating


460.00 inc. GST
Check out Passion Grape Ice by BLVK Fusion, melding together tangy passionfruit, sweet grapes, and menthol for a delicious synthetic

Spearmint- Juicy Salts

380.00 inc. GST
Brand Name: Juicy Salts Flavor: Spearmint gum VG/PG: 50VG/50PG Nozzle: Squeezer Size: 30 ml Available in 25mg (2.5%) or 50mg (5%) nicotine strengths Nicotine salt

Tangerine Ice – Summer Exclusive – Saucy

450.00 inc. GST
A delicious blend of sweet tangerines and cool menthol that gives that tangy citrus kick you have been looking for.

VGOD Lush Ice

440.00 inc. GST
Lush Ice by VGOD SaltNic is an icy reformulation of their signature watermelon candy flavor infused with a wave of refreshing menthol.