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SaltNic Tropical Mango

470.00 inc. GST
Huge mango flavor in a small pod. Created for your favorite low wattage device, Tropical Mango by SaltNic offers everything


470.00 inc. GST
Imagine chillin poolside ripping a perfectly balanced hit of freshly ripened strawberries. The coolness splashes over you like the ultimate

VGOD Apple Bomb

470.00 inc. GST
Apple Bomb by VGOD SaltNic is a vapable rendition of sour apple belts dusted in sweet sugar, reduced down to

VGOD Cubano Silver

470.00 inc. GST
Cubano Silver by VGOD SaltNic is created for cigar aficionados, combining notes of sweet honey, tasty brown sugar, thick molasses,

VGOD Luscious

440.00 inc. GST
Luscious by VGOD SaltNicĀ is a refreshing and sweet blend of melons, beginning with a blast of watermelon; similar to candy,

VGOD Purple Bomb

450.00 inc. GST
VGOD Purple Bomb SaltNic is pouring with grapeness from juicy Concord grapes further sweetened with a sugary grape candy for