Atomizer is so cheap that many e cigarette users discard it in the trash after one use. It seems a waste of time to clean and reuse atomizer, but why throw away a atomizer that still works perfectly? You can also enjoy e smoking and save money after cleaning dirty atomizer and refilling with e juice.

How to clean atomizer?
A dirty atomizer may cause low vapor, darker color e juice, hard to draw and terrible taste. If you fill your atomizer with top quality e juice, it will take a longer time to dirty them. But if your atomizer has been burned, cleaning is time wasting and you will have burned taste unless you change a new one. Here are three effective ways to clean it.

1. Find a pot and boil them in hot water. You also can add some baking soda or coco cola. Please do not forget to open the window, the smell will become terrible when different flavors filled in atomizers start to dissolve and mix together. About 5 minutes to 10 minutes are recommended for boiling time. Too long time may cause damage to meta coil. Then put all atomizers into cold water about two minutes. Then boil them again. If you still smell odors, then boil them again. In order to dry atomizers in effective and perfect way, you’d better to put them in cool temperature area instead of just leaving it for hours.

2. Drip small amount of regular alcohol into the atomizer, then rinse out with water, shake out well, then blow out.

3. Take atomizer apart without breaking anything and put each part into a bowl of hot water. Make sure all parts are filled in hot water without bubbles. Remove all parts from water and put them uprightly on the tissue at least 12 hours. If there is still water inside, you should dry it for longer time. Then assemble all parts and refill the cartomizer.

How to refill atomizer?
1. Get your favorite flavor e liquid and cap out of a new atomizer
2. Fill about three quarter of e juice into the plastic cap.
3. Hold an old used atomizer and gently drip e liquid. Do not drip into the center of atomizer and wait about two minutes until e liquid is absorbed.
4. Remove the cap and blow dry.