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450.00 inc. GST
Enjoy Custard Monster SALTS – Blueberry Custard by Jam Monster Liquids, enhancing a bowl of thick custard with sweet blueberries

Blueberry Raspberry Lemon – Fruit Monster Salt

480.00 inc. GST
100% fresh fruit taste. Fresh blueberries blended with sweet raspberries and tart lemons for an invigorating, delightful e-juice experience. Primary Flavors: Blueberry,

Jam Monster – Banana

460.00 inc. GST
Savor the flavor of Banana by Jam Monster SALTS, featuring sweet banana jam coupled with rich thick butter spread over

Jam Monster – Blackberry

450.00 inc. GST
Blackberry by Jam Monster SALTS E-Liquid is a nicotine salts breakfast vape, blending zesty blackberries into a delectable jam, spread across freshly

Jam Monster – Peach

460.00470.00 inc. GST
Shop Peach by Jam Monster Liquids, a nicotine salt blend incorporating sweet peach spread topped onto a slice of buttered

Jam Monster – Strawberry

450.00 inc. GST
Strawberry by Jam Monster Salts E-Liquid is a perfect trio of summertime strawberries, crunchy toast, and rich savory butter to create the

PB & Jam Limited Edition – Strawberry

450.00 inc. GST
PB & Jam Monster Strawberry by Jam Monster SALT Liquids is a nicotine salt blend of oven-fresh bread, coated in thick

Strawberry Banana – Fruit Monster Salt

480.00 inc. GST
Discover Strawberry Banana Salts by Jam Monster, taking rich notes of sweet strawberries and decadent bananas in a synthetic nicotine

Strawberry Kiwi Pomegranate – Fruit Monster Salt

480.00 inc. GST
Strawberry Kiwi Pomegranate by Fruit Monster captures the fruity essence of sliced strawberries, tangy kiwis, and mouth-puckering pomegranate balanced within

Tobacco Monster – Bold

450.00 inc. GST
From the best flavor makers in the game comes the best tasting Tobacco vape to hit the market! Tobacco Monster